Storing Potatoes: The Tolsma Way

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In 2013, Cavendish Agri Services partnered with Tolsma, a European Storage company. Excited about their methods of storing potatoes and onions, and Cavendish decided to bring their approach to Atlantic Canada.

While Tolsma's new and innovative storage techniques required growers to think differently than they have in the past, Tolsma generated a lot of interest. The new storage technology challenged the way Atlantic Canadian farmers are storing potatoes. Some growers chose to make small changes to help improve their storage practices and other growers chose to build a new building.

Peter Waugh, of Albert E. Waugh and Sons was one of the progressive farmers who saw the value in the new technology. Although he has only had his potatoes in storage for a few weeks, he is seeing some positives already.

Check out what Peter Waugh has to say about his new Tolsma Storage building.

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Posted by Emily-Kate MacDonald at 10/21/2014 11:34:43 AM